Car Care Winter Checklist

Cooler weather is upon us and winter is right around the corner!  Is your car ready for the season? As important as it is to keep up maintenance throughout the year, there are specific items that should get special attention before the cold sets in for good. Take a look at this list to ensure all precautions have been taken to prevent an icy situation:
Tire Wear! After many summer road trips or just your daily work commute through the previous season, your tires may be worn down. Cary Car Care inspects the tire wear of every vehicle we service and may have spoken with you in regards to your tire tread. If you are due for new tires, don't wait until the middle of winter; have them replaced before any adverse weather conditions catch you unprepared.
Lights! Make sure all your exterior lights are working properly to ensure good visibility. Also, if your headlights are cloudy, Cary Car Care can restore them to like-new condition! Headlight restoration makes a huge improvement while driving at night or in inclement weather.
Windshield Wipers & Wiper Fluid!Both are very important during the winter. If your blades are more than one year old, odds are it’s time for new ones. Be sure to mention if the wipers are streaking at your next service and we’ll replace them. Also, as a part of our oil change service, we’ll top off your freeze resistant washer fluid as needed.
Battery! Your battery may seem to work fine in warmer temperatures. However, a quick cold front could mean you’re not going anywhere! Have your battery tested to be sure it will perform properly in colder temperatures. Also, Cary Car Care will check those battery cables for corrosion, which could just as easily leave you stranded. Have them cleaned if needed!
Antifreeze! We want to know how well it tests and what kind of weather it will stand up to. In this area temperatures rarely get below –10 degrees Fahrenheit, but ideally most coolants (antifreeze) are freeze resistant up to –35 degrees Fahrenheit. Antifreeze also contains corrosion inhibitors to protect vital engine components. Cary Car Care will check your coolant and top off as needed or recommend service if additional action is required.
Brakes!Of course, brakes are important year-round but just like tires, it’s essential that they are ready for rough weather. Have your brakes inspected to ensure all components are in proper working condition. Cary Car Care visually inspects brakes on most cars during your regular tire rotation service. However, if you notice unusual noises, vibrations or other brake related symptoms a closer look is advised.

To ensure all items on the “Car Care Winter Checklist” are completed, ask Cary Car Care about our Trip Inspection (normally $42.38). This service includes a multi-point inspection of your cars tires, lights, wipers, fluids, battery & brakes. Mention this blog and receive it for just $30.00!

Written by Cary Car Care