Cary Car Care Featured Review: The Katti Family

Cary Car Care made a goal at the new year to reach 100 reviews by the end of the year! How are we doing?

We're well on our way thanks to our great and loyal clients! We wanted to stop and take a moment to highlight a special review that came in from the Katti family!

Since moving to Cary four years ago, this has been my go to place for all car needs. I feel very welcome when I walk in. Their staff office and shop have 

been extremely professional.  I find them to be very trustworthy and feel that they have my best interest in mind. So lucky to have found them in  Cary. 

The Katti family has been clients of ours now for that four year time frame and we've since learned a lot about them!  It is these types of relationships that we strive to foster with all our clients. We love getting to know them and being able to provide the help they need. Here are a few "thank you" cards (or "old-fashioned" reviews) we have received over the years!



We are so thankful to have such wonderful clients! Thank you to all our special clients and the new clients who we look forward to serving! Thank you to all for your help in chipping away towards that 100 review mark! 


Written by Cary Car Care