Getting back into the blog: What’s new at Cary Car Care?

Cary Car Care has been out of the blog game for some time - 2 years! What have we been doing? Check out some of the things below to find out what we've been up to! 1. We turned 25 in 2015 and had a big party to celebrate! We partnered with Wheels 4 Hope hosting a car blessing, raised over $1000 for their organization all while playing games, tie dying t-shirts, and eating more chicken than you can bear!   2. BJ Lambdin was named a "Mover and Shaker" by the Cary Magazine! BJ was one of 30 other professionals in the area to receive this recognition! There was a featured article in the June 2015 edition of the magazine.   3. Kelsey broke her leg!   Ok, ok! That may be a cat but Kelsey really did break her leg! While on a skiing trip with her volunteer group in January 2016 (the Leader's Club through the YMCA) she fell on the slopes. Kelsey was out of the shop for a while and is still recovering almost a year later. What a journey! This is in August with our Town of Cary baseball team! Go "Triple C"!   4. George celebrated 20 years of loyal service to Cary Car Care! Cary Car Care general service technician In celebration of George's dedication, Cary Car Care rewarded him with season tickets to the NC State men's basketball 2016-2017 season! He is enjoying the games among a few other goodies as well. Congratulations, George!   5. Byron retired! After 15 years of being a dependable service manager with the Cary Car Care family, Byron retired to a life of fishing, guitar playing and gardening! Congratulations, Byron!  

Is that all?

Of course not! Those are just a few highlights of the past two years! We've also added new members to the team (check out our "about us" page to learn more!), we hosted a maintenance class with the Girl Scouts, our Frosty inflatable snowman had to be replaced after 10+ years, we've continued to serve our clients and community through reliable and trustworthy service and so much more! Continue to check back with us for more updates and look forward to more current blogging!  

Written by Cary Car Care