Cary Car Care joins Wheels 4 Hope at their annual charity Golf Tourny!

Cary Car Care sponsors Wheels 4 Hope in  their 5th annual charity golf tournament!

  Cary Car Care sponsors Wheels 4 Hope's 5th annual charity golf tournament and always shows up to support the cause! On a cold, rainy, April Monday Paul and teammates enjoyed watching families celebrate their new cars and a round a golf.

The day began with 5 "Car Blessings"!

Wheels 4 Hope is a "faith-based, volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping economically vulnerable families and individuals by providing them reliable, affordable vehicles." Cary Car Care has been working with Wheels 4 Hope since before they became an official organization. We have donated our labor to helping fix over 200 vehicles! Also, "Car Blessing's" are a ceremony where Wheels 4 Hope presents the vehicle's keys to a family after completion of the program. The golf tournament started with 5 cars going to 5 families! Congratulations to all recipients!        

And ended with awards!

We can't be too modest about our golf skills ... We won the "Highest Score"! Not too bad for only playing golf in our charity golf tourny's twice a year!   There were multiple awards given out and prizes so the day always ends on a high note. Wheels 4 Hope charity golf tourny is always a fun day and this round was another complete success!    

Interested in playing with us next time?

Reach out to us! We'd love to put your name in the hat for our next charity fundraiser golf tourny which falls on Monday, July 24, 2017 with the Meg's Smile Foundation.    

Written by Cary Car Care