Cary Car Care’s pepper plants! What do you grow in your garden?

What does Cary Car Care grow in the garden? Pepper plants!

We may not have space for a big garden, but that doesn't stop us from growing our pepper plants! For the past five years, Cary Car Care has notoriously grown peppers out front in our containers. We've been growing jalapeno peppers and red bell peppers. See the large peppers below - not many pictures of the jalapenos because we picked them all! 

What does Cary Car Care do with the peppers?

We eat them, of course! We've made stuffed peppers with the large peppers and jalapeno poppers as well. Plus, the container looks really nice while they're growing :).  

We're all gardeners here at Cary Car Care!

Check out what Paul, BJ and Kelsey are growing at home! Beautiful sunflowers, asparagus (BJ's working hard to cultivate these which can take 2-3 years!), a hydroponics garden (again, BJ), lovely iris' and hydrangeas, some wild growing passion "maypop" flowers and so much that we didn't have pictures of all! Plus, we have the best gardener in the area taking care of them .  

What do you grow in your garden?

From pepper plants to weeds and everything in between, we know how to grow! What do you like to grow in your garden?    

Written by Cary Car Care