Cary Car Care Wins Demandforce Contest

Cary Car Care's very own Kelsey Lambdin, was recently one of six winners in the Demandforce "Bridging the Gap" giveaway!

Kelsey's song parody submission was selected and she won a trip to San Francisco to visit the Demandforce headquarters, share ideas with other and sightsee the city!

Here's what Kelsey had to say about the experience:
I wrote a Cary Car Care version of "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey and entered it along with a short paragraph on what impact they have made on Cary Car Care. About a week later, I received a phone call that we had won! The experience was absolutely fantastic! We were able to network with other winners and spend time picking each others brains about what works and what doesn't in business. They asked for our input on how to better their company and they gave us some great tips as well. I think the trip was extremely beneficial for both parties. Not to mention, it was an absolute blast! Every one was super nice and friendly. I love that I know who I am talking to now when I get emails and see Demandforce postings. They are a great group of people.

Kelsey's Winning Entry

*Sung to Journey's Don't Stop Believing

Just a small town shop, A local family mom and pop, We had a PR plan, going no-o where

Just a city biz, A communication wiz, They had a PR plan going every where

We’d seen them on the internet, Gave them a try and they’re a great asset, From now on we will never stray, It goes on and on and on and on …

Surveys, Coupons, To new and long time customers, Their infor accessible, All the time

Maintenance, reminders To help keep everyone on track, Their vehicles, running All the time

Don’t stop believing, Demandforce helps achieving Surveys, coupons Don’t stop believing Today starts your succeeding Surveys, coupons galore! DON’T STOP!

About the Giveaway

Demandforce wanted to hear companies' Before/After story with Demandforce. What was the business like before you joined Demandforce, and what is it like now? Only rules were that the more creative you are, the better! You could make a video, write a poem, perform a song and was all up to you!


6 lucky winners (and a guest of their choice)received a three day trip to San Francisco, which includes, Airfare, Hotel stay in Union Square, A day at Demandforce--tour the office and meet our executives!, Dinner in downtown San Francisco, Opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the US!

Written by Cary Car Care