Cary Car Care’s alignment machine assembled in thirty seconds or less!

New Hunter alignment equipment installed!

You'll want to have your alignment checked now.

We recently added new equipment to the Cary Car Care building to keep us current in this ever-changing industry. This Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment machine can do the fastest alignment reading out there! We strongly encourage clients to have their alignment checked. Vehicles with alignments that are out of specifications will be subject to negative tire wear effects  and even more serious driveability concerns. On these Cary roads, it's not easy to avoid all the potholes! If it has been a while, we recommend asking us about what is best for you and your vehicle!  

See our new alignment machine assembled in less than thirty seconds.

View our assembly by clicking on the link above! Don't forget to follow us on YouTube for more videos of ongoings and updates from Cary Car Care.

And the finished product! Looks good in red!

Don't mind all the tires in this picture but they're all looking at you to save them! Save your tires by making sure your vehicle is aligned. And, hey! It only took us a little less than a year to make this video and this final photo was taken recently. I'd say it's still looking good :)        

Written by Cary Car Care