Do I Need a Wheel Alignment?

Do I Need a Wheel Alignment? With the increasing amount of expansion, and thus construction, from Cary Morrisville, Apex and Holly Springs area it seems there is a rising number of customers needing wheel alignments and rotations more often due to the irregular road surfaces. The amazing thing about your alignment is that it can […]

Who Can Service My Car Warranty

Your New Vehicles Warranty, and Who Can Service It Legally Warranties are often a confusing and frustrating territory as a car owner. They are most often constructed from legalese in fine print, making it a hassle to get a full understanding of what is covered, what is not, and what voids the warranty. I Need […]

Protect Your Vehicle From Winter Weather

It’s another North Carolina winter filled with unpredictable weather, and we finally got our first good icing of the year. As a kid it is all fun and games, but as adults we have some business to tend to every time we hear the tundra is coming to visit. Freezing temps and ice can wreak […]

Common Causes of a Check Engine Light

Diagnosing Your Check Engine Light Nothing causes more unnecessary stress to a car owner than seeing the little orange check engine light illuminate. For those not fluent in vehicle maintenance, it seems as though this can be due to a million issues in today’s complex vehicles. Luckily every car is made up of the same […]

Understand Your Brake System

What is It? Your car’s brake system is one of its most critical safety systems and as such, it is imperative to keep it maintained and functioning properly. Doing so helps ensure safe vehicle control and operation under a wide variety of conditions. If you suspect any problems or have any concerns, you should have […]

Car Care Winter Checklist

Cooler weather is upon us and winter is right around the corner!  Is your car ready for the season? As important as it is to keep up maintenance throughout the year, there are specific items that should get special attention before the cold sets in for good. Take a look at this list to ensure […]

Tips for Summer Car Maintenance

90-degree heat can put a great deal of extra stress on your car – even more so if it has surpassed the 100,000-mile marker. instant loan approval for unemployed That being said, there are some simple preventative summer car maintenance tips that can help you avoid having to deal with an unwanted breakdown. Clean Your […]

Can I Change My Own Oil?

Is it Easy to Change the Oil in your Car? In the second video of our Cary Car Care video series, we offer up a few pointers on changing your car oil. People often wonder if this is a task they can attempt on their own and we’re hear to answer that question! The first […]

How to Change a Flat Tire

How to Change a Flat Tire In our new Cary Car Care video series, we hope to offer up simple tips and tricks on how to handle issues with your car on your own. If you are up for the challenge that is! 🙂 The first video in our series is titled How to Change […]

Top 5 Auto Mechanics in Cary, North Carolina

Top 5 Auto Mechanics in Cary, North Carolina Your car is a big investment. Surely you took a lot of time and effort into picking it out, and taking care of it is important. Finding some one locally you can trust to work on your car is a lot like finding a doctor, dentist or […]