Changes at Cary Car Care

Changes at Cary Car Care

If you haven't noticed already - Cary Car Care has been making a lot of changes when it comes to how we interact with our customers online. In an effort to make it easier on each and every one of you we have put a lot of time and energy into creating an online presence that makes it easier on you to interact with us on a day-to-day basis.  Here's a little information on what we've been up to.

Cary Car Care Social Media Profiles

It may have taken us longer than some, but we now are online and active in Facebook, Twitter and (very soon) YouTube. Our objective is to make it easier for you to find out information about your car, your Cary Car Car mechanics and to ask us questions you may have. We've even added our online review system and appointment request form to our Facebook page so you don't even have to visit the website to schedule your next visit to the Cary Car Care shop! Click the buttons to the right to visit our social media profiles.

Mobile Friendly Website

We also realized that while we love our website, it wasn't easy enough for some of you to get in touch with us while you were on the road.  Now when you visit our site on your mobile phone you'll see our nifty mobile website that has all the same great information plus an click-to-call button and directions button right on the home page. The call button will automatically key in our number for you and the directions button will pull up you phone's navigation!

Car Care Blog and Videos

In the coming weeks and months we will be posting regularly to our new blog with information and tips for you and your car. We'll even be launching a video series with tips from our top mechanics. Keep coming back to see what we've come up with and feel free to leave us a message about a topic you would like us to discuss. Until next time!

Written by Cary Car Care