Helpful Car Care Tips | Filters and Fluids, Lighting and Wipers and Batteries

The Cary Car Care team prides itself on making sure you are as informed as possible when it comes to your car. With that in mind, we have put together a series of Helpful Car Care Tips. In this edition we will cover Filters and Fluids, Lighting and Wipers and Batteries. You can also read up on previous posts covering Vehicle Systems using the following links: Filters and Fluids Your car’s filters are important to the longevity of your car as well as interior comfort and should be replaced regularly based on manufacturers recommendations. Here is a quick filter rundown:
  • Oil Filter - Traps contaminants in an effort to allow oil to flow through the engine unrestricted.
  • Fuel Filter - Separates harmful contaminants that may cause problems with carburetors or intricate fuel injectors.
  • Air Filter - Traps dust particles, which can cause damage to engine cylinders, walls, pistons and piston rings. Also plays a role in keeping contaminants off the airflow sensor (in fuel-injected cars).
  • Cabin Filter – Traps pollen, bacteria and dust that may find its way into your car’s ventilation system.
Lighting and Wipers Lights and wipers play a major role in safe driving and your car’s ability to see or be seen. The wiper system keeps excessive water, snow or dirt from building up on the windshield and removes them to maintain optimal visibility while the lighting system provides nighttime visibility, safety signals and supplies light for viewing instruments inside the car. Lights and wipers are normal wear items that require periodic replacement and frequency can be based on operating conditions, frequency of use, materials and more. If you begin to notice dimming lights or a chattering and/or streaking wiper, contact the Cary Car Care team. Batteries You car’s battery helps ensure dependable vehicle operation whenever you drive it. The battery stores electrical energy that the starter converts into mechanical force to turn the engine on. Without a working battery – your car simply isn’t going to start. If you notice your headlights or interior lights dim or accessories fail to operate you could be dealing with a dying battery and should have it checked prior to it failing. The old adage states that a battery can last approximately four years prior to dying, but many factors can change that dramatically so have it checked along with everything else each time you have your car in the shop. ***** Thanks for reading another installment of Helpful Car Care Tips from the Cary Car Care team. Stay tuned for more helpful tips for you and your car in the future!    

Written by Cary Car Care