Four Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Don't Ignore These Warning Signs!

As you drive along, there stands to reason you’ll run across speed bumps, potholes, rocks and so on. A car’s suspension can absorb these obstacles with relative ease. Over time though, your suspension will begin to wear down, and your ride will get rougher. Depending on the vehicle, certain parts wear quicker than others. We at Cary Car Care we’ll help you understand the perfect time to bring it in for suspension repair.

Hearing Squeaks Over Bumps

A common problem that occurs is hearing the sound of squeaks coming from under the car. These squeaks can be attributed to rubber suspension bushings wearing out. A bushing functions to soften the vibrations on the vehicle, while making sure the suspension parts stay in position. As the rubber wears down, the more stress is put on respective parts. If the bushing wears out completely, then a suspension part may fail prematurely.

Feeling All the Bumps on the Road

If you begin to feel ALL the bumps on the road, there stands a good chance the shocks or struts on your vehicle are failing. Shocks and struts act as the main stabilizer when traveling down the road. Higher-end cars like Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus offer hydraulic struts, which control the ride over all surfaces. Shocks perform mostly the same way, preventing body roll and offsetting vibrations to the cars springs. One way to check if a shock/strut is failing is putting weight on one end of the car. If it bounces more than a couple of times, the struts(s) will need replacing.

One Side of The Car is Sitting Too Low

When a car sits on level ground, all four ends should be even. If one end sags, more than likely a shock or strut has failed. One tell-tale way to confirm this by looking at the shock underneath the car. If the shock looks greasy or has fluid dripping out of the bottom. The faulty strut will make a clunking noise as the car rolls over bumps. In addition, the car will begin to handle worse in bad road conditions.

Steering Becomes Dangerously Difficult

If you find steering difficult while driving along, then the fault may lie in the suspension. Components including the power steering rack, control arms and bushings can endure excessive wear. This causes the steering to become numb when turning hard. This creates a dangerous situation that may result in a accident. Its imperative to maintain good car care staying on top of the situation.

If you think your car has one of the issues listed above, please feel free to contact our award-winning staff at (919) 636-6984 to set up an appointment. One of our experienced technicians will check your vehicle with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our shop is located on 234 E Johnson Street, in downtown Cary, North Carolina. We look forward to servicing you and wishing you safe travels.

Written by Cary Car Care