Halloween and holidays at Cary Car Care!

Halloween and the holidays!

We love holidays around here at Cary Car Care so we take any opportunity we get to celebrate!

This Halloween we all participated with our communities by handing out candy and enjoying the costumes! Check out Supergirl (Kelsey) with Clark Kent below as well as My Little Pony costume created by none other than BJ Lambdin!   Plus, here's a few fun Halloween throwbacks:     Share some photos with us on how you celebrated this Halloween! Plus, tell us what you have going on for the upcoming holidays! Cary Car Care always does a feast to celebrate the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays so it is a fun time for us to enjoy one another's company. Check out last year's dinner!   We're looking forward to our annual meals again this year! Any recipe suggestions? What are your favorite dishes for the holidays? Kelsey's is green bean casserole, BJ's is homemade cranberry relish, and Paul's is his mom's macaroni and cheese! Can't wait for another year of some good food!  

Written by Cary Car Care