Love, Laughter and Strong Coffee

The new big thing at the office:

The coffee maker!!

You might think it's trivial.

You might say it is silly – but we just love our coffee around here a Cary Car Care.

It all started about two years ago when we brought on one of our service advisors, Brian. Yes, we’ve loved coffee all a long but Brian took it to another level. You can see from his cabinets at home that he loves his coffee!

Check out his home stash:

So, Brian brought in coffee for us to share such as Starbucks S’mores, savory blends and honey caramel.

Then, a year later, when we brought on our client care coordinator, Debby, she began to bring in coffee too! Even dabbled in tea.

That’s when it started trending around the office. Paul got involved by bringing in a grinder (for the freshest possible coffee!) Kelsey and Jake started partaking by enjoying the others’ efforts and drinking whatever was on hand.

Finally, last month we bought a coffee maker for the advisor office. That way we could all experiment and enjoy it on demand!

At this point, it has become a habit for us to convene over at our new “water cooler” and make coffee about 2-3x a day!

We really enjoy sharing the experience and the camaraderie the coffee has initiated. Brian has even had to start limiting himself to two cups a day:

Are you a coffee lover too? Have any flavors/options we should try? Recommend below!

Written by Cary Car Care