Meg’s Smile

Cary Car Care is a proud supporter of the Meg’s Smile foundation. This charitable organization provides gifts to children with serious illnesses under treatment in North Carolina hospitals. Their mission is to bring a smile to the faces of children and families during the long emotional journey that illness brings. Meg’s Story In the winter of 2010, Meg was just like any other seven-year-old girl until her parents noticed some troubling symptoms. She was falling down, complained of her hearing, and did not seem to be herself when playing sports. Meg's parents took her to get a MRI after her pediatrician noticed neurological effects. Meg’s parents would learn that she had a brain tumor and was diagnosed with a Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Giloma (DIPG). DIPG is a tumor that grows among the nerves within the brain stem. It could not be surgically removed, as the brain stem is responsible for vital functions such as breathing, swallowing and movement.  The prognosis for Meg was devastating. She was only given another nine months to a year to live. Meg and her family set out to have as many smiles as they could with adventures to the beach, a Disney cruise, a trip to New York, a Taylor Swift concert, a trip to Los Angeles where she starred on Kimora – Life in the Fab Lane and more. Meg passed away January 2011 in the hospital with her mom and dad holding her. Read Meg’s full Story HERE. Moving On Meg’s journey was one no child should have to endure, but she managed to keep her grace, humor and smile. In honor of Meg’s memory, her parents started the Meg’s Smile foundation to put as many smiles on as many children's faces as possible. Each year in July, Meg’s Smile hosts a golf tournament and auction event to support the foundation. Meg's Smile also accepts donations throughout the year, online or via mail. To support the Meg’s Smile Foundation, please visit

Written by Cary Car Care