Summer Car Care Tips

Summer Car Care Tips

Summer has arrived and so has the heat. While the heat is great for trips to the beach or lake, it can wreak havoc on your vehicle. We here at Cary Car Care want to make sure your car is ready for the summer months. Here are a couple tips all drivers should know.

Regular Service

Cars that are well maintained should not overheat even on100-degree days but having your car serviced at regular intervals provides opportunity for service professionals to identify other needs, that if ignored, could lead to overheating.
Cary Car Care recommends a regular service interval of 3000-5000 miles for optimal performance.

AC (Air Conditioning)

Air conditioning is the ‘must have’ for Carolina drivers and it’s wise to keep yours operating at peak performance. Make sure you have your system checked annually, preferably before the heat rears its ugly head in May. If you notice your system isn’t cooling down effectively, take it into Cary Car Care for a check-up, our ASE certified team will troubleshoot the issue and get your car back to feeling like an icebox.


Heat is always guaranteed with a Carolina summer. Trying to protect your car from the heat isn’t too hard if you can focus on a couple ‘beat the heat’ measures. Always try and park your vehicle in the shade or in a covered spot, even if it means a couple extra steps to get where you are going. Invest in a sunshade for the windshield to reflect sunlight, it resists heat being transferred into the car but also protects your dash from the ill effects of direct sunlight. Also consider waxing your car at least once a month with a UV protection wax. It helps prevent your paint from fading.

And Don’t Neglect…

The cooling system not to be confused with the AC should not be overlooked. Its health is as important to how the car functions in the summer to everything else mentioned. This includes the health of the antifreeze, the condition of the radiator, water pump, belts & hoses.
And lastly, the battery and charging system work hard during the summer and are mostly to fail during extreme temps, hot or cold

Written by Cary Car Care