Team building and bonding at Cary Car Care

The close-knit team here at Cary Car Care:

How do we do it? Why is it important?

Here are Cary Care Care we have worked hard over the years to create and fun and friendly work environment. After all, we spend more time here during the week then with our own families! It is so important to us to make sure we all get along and can all collaborate with the client's best interest at heart. It takes a lot to build such a team: (1) it takes the want to be apart of a close-knit team from each individual, (2) it takes hard work to continue our educations in order to ensure we're at the top of our industry, (3) it takes initiative from all parties to show up and be their best everyday, (4) and so much more! While Cary Car Care has certainly been lucky to find great people to join us on our journey, it is no accident that we make things work day in and day out. We have team monthly meetings where we all have breakfast biscuits once a month. During this time we review any shop needs and discuss ongoings of the business.   Additionally, four times a year we stretch that meeting to two hours and do one of my personal favorite things - team building activities! In the past, we've shared some of our experiences but we've take part in all kinds! Most notably: scavenger hunts around the shop, Improv games, Reindeer games, building and racing pool noodle cars and "trust" games. This December we mixed it up with Family Feud! I played Steve Harvey with the help of BJ as the scorekeeper. While everyone else divided into teams of two for play - and yes, we played the fast money rounds!

Why Family Feud? Why scavenger hunts and Reindeer games?

These activities help build our team to be better by breaking down barriers, eliminating distractions and allowing us to completely be ourselves. Ultimately, this leads to improving teamwork, productivity and motivation. When you can better understand your coworkers strengths, weaknesses and interests, there is better opportunity to really build a cohesive team. Plus, it's so much fun!

And we even bring those a long who aren't there in person ...

We do enjoy spending the time with one another and I definitely enjoy putting together the team meetings! That's why we also have monthly team lunches just to get to hang out with one another. Christmas is one of our favorite times to do that as Cary Car Care splurges for the biggest lunch of the year. This year ... we're thinking ribs!

Have a shout out about any of our team members or any ideas for the next team activity? Send us a message!

Happy holidays to all!

Written by Cary Car Care