The New Cary Car Care Check In and Check Out Process

Cary Car Care has switched to a new point of sales system: SHOPWARE!

We’re very excited to make this announcement as it has been a year in the making. Plus, it seems to have come at the right time due to COVID19 and allowing our clients to follow their entire repair process online. However, don’t worry – if you prefer and most enjoy speaking with us over the phone or face to face that is always an option.

Overall, it’s pretty simple. You get a text or email confirmation that your appointment has been made which includes a link to access your account.

This access shows you the potential charges for your requested services as well as recommendations that we may have previously discussed with you .

You can approve and decline services from there and/or make comments in the “notes” section to communicate directly with your service advisor.

Once we’ve looked at the vehicle, we’ll send you an update with any new recommendations we may have.

This will be a link sent via text or email but we will call to discuss too if needed or requested. This information can be accessed by the same link you were originally sent as well. Again, you can approve or decline items at this point and let us know what your expectations are for next steps by commenting in the “notes” section or calling. We get notifications every time the page is viewed or an update is made by you so we’ll be sure to respond ASAP

Once you’ve approved and declined what you want, you can view the grand total for services. Lastly, once the work is completed, we’ll send you a final link via text or email.

This link is unique to the final repair order and allows you to make a payment online by credit card.

Then, you can post how you would like us to get your keys back to you (you can call on arrival, we can lock them in the car or leave them in the car unlocked).

No matter how you choose to communicate, we have options!

Written by Cary Car Care