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Not often thought about until it's too late, the timing belt plays an important role within your vehicle's engine. At Cary Car Care in Cary, North Carolina, we recognize just how important this component is, and we make sure that your engine is always equipped with a quality performing belt. Our ASE Certified technicians take the time to inspect your car's timing belt and see if it needs to be replaced, as well as check for any damage that may have occurred due to a bad belt. They'll quickly be able to replace the belt and fix any issue that may have come up, so your vehicle can continue to utilize a quality performing engine.

What is a Timing Belt?

Not many people know much about the timing belt until something goes wrong. At Cary Car Care, we believe it's so important to understand how your vehicle works and the components that make it up. Why? We feel that by knowing about these components, you'll be able to identify when something is wrong and opt for service quicker, preventing the problem from worsening. So, what is the timing belt?

The timing belt is a rubber belt found within the engine and helps synchronize the cam and crankshaft. When functioning properly, it allows the intake and outtake valves to open and close in time with the piston. Think of the timing belt as a bike chain that helps keep everything moving in sync. The timing belt will typically need to be replaced every 60,000 - 100,000 miles, but this will vary on the vehicle model and manufacturer. Your best bet is to check the owner's manual, as that will carry the proper information for your specific vehicle. You'll notice if the belt needs to be replaced if you notice decreased engine power, noises from the belt, or leaking oil. If you see these signs, come in for service at your earliest convenience.

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Without the timing belt, the valves in the engine can't operate safely. As a result? Your engine won't be able to run. If your timing belt needs to be replaced or you need repairs because of a faulty belt, schedule a service with Cary Car Care in Cary, North Carolina. Our ASE Certified technicians not only carry extensive knowledge of the timing belt but also know how the component contributes to the engine's performance. Using this knowledge, they'll be able to provide the necessary services to ensure everything is operating properly, resulting in a quality performing vehicle for you.

Having questions about our timing belt service? Feel free to give us a call at 919-380-0040 or visit us on 234 E Johnson Street, near Kingswood Elementary School and Downtown Cary. We'd love to address any questions, comments, and concerns you may have. We also have an easy-to-use online scheduling system that'll set you up with an appointment in minutes if you're ready to book a visit immediately!