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We like to call these our “ Car Warning Lights” services at Cary Car Care. If you see a car warning light on in your dashboard and aren’t sure what to do – we can help. Check out our list of the most common warning lights below and feel free to contact us to discuss a warning light that is currently on in your vehicle.


Engine Oil Pressure

The engine oil pressure sensor is detecting below normal oil pressure. If the oil pressure is low it can cause permanent engine damage. We don’t recommend driving if this light is on. Pull over safely and turn the engine off as soon as you can do so. Then, call us for assistance.


Engine Temperature

The engine coolant temperature sensor is detecting above normal temperatures. There are many causes of overheating. Until that cause can be determined, this is another case where you should pull over and call for assistance to reduce the chance of additional damage.



The red brake warning lamp serves several functions. First, is to remind you that the parking brake is engaged. However, if the red brake warning lamp is on and the parking brake is not engaged, there is an additional safety issue. It could be as simple as low brake fluid or could be an indicator of a more serious concern. Again, we recommend you call for assistance before attempting to drive.


ABS – Anti-Lock Braking System

The amber ABS warning lamp comes on to indicate that the Anti-Lock Brake system has been disabled due to a malfunction. The normal service brakes still function and under most driving situations you should notice no change in brake performance. However, under emergency braking and in slippery conditions the ABS system will not function. This could result in loss of control if the wheels lock-up under hard braking. We recommend you schedule to investigate this as soon as possible.



The Battery light comes on when there is a problem with your car’s charging system. Your car will run normally until the battery is discharged. If you see this light we recommend you stop when it is safe to do so and call for assistance.


Check Engine or Service Engine Soon***

This light indicates a problem in one of your vehicles emissions systems. This light covers a lot of territory – from the fuel tank and vapor hoses attached to it, to the transmission, to the engine and to the engine’s many supporting systems. If this light is on steady and you aren’t experiencing any other symptoms, you may continue driving but should schedule service as soon as possible. This system is also part of the North Carolina Emissions Inspection Program.

**If this light is flashing the related malfunction is causing immediate damage to your cars catalytic converter. We recommend you find a safe place to stop and call for assistance.


TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The TPMS warning lamp illuminates when the system has detected at least one tire with a pressure below the minimum pressure for the vehicle. The tires should be inspected and the tire pressure checked as soon as possible. Also, the light may blink if there is a malfunction in the system.


SRS or Supplemental Restraint System

Illuminates when a malfunction is detected in the sensors and devices that control your car’s airbags. If this light is on, your car’s seat belts will function normally but the airbags will not deploy in an accident


Traction Control

This light may take several forms (Trac off, VSC/Vehicle Stability Control, ESC/Electronic Stability Control, ESP/Electronic Stability Program, DSC/Dynamic Stability Control, Etc) This light can illuminate in conjunction with other warning lights or on it’s own. It indicates a malfunction in the systems that are used to improve vehicle stability and safety during a loss of traction or under emergency maneuvers.


Maintenance Required

This indicator illuminates to notify you your vehicle is due for service. It does not indicate a malfunction. Some are designed to come on at designated mileage intervals and some are more dynamic, accounting for driving time and environmental factors. We will reset this light during your regular maintenance service.