Who Can Service My Car Warranty

Your New Vehicles Warranty, and Who Can Service It Legally

Warranties are often a confusing and frustrating territory as a car owner. They are most often constructed from legalese in fine print, making it a hassle to get a full understanding of what is covered, what is not, and what voids the warranty.

I Need To Take It To The Dealer

Consumers are protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which prohibits a manufacturer from voiding the vehicle warranty because a service was performed by a non-dealer. According to the FTC, “It is illegal for a dealer to deny your warranty coverage simply because you had routine maintenance or repairs performed by someone else. Routine maintenance often includes oil changes, tire rotations, belt replacement, fluid checks and flushes, new brake pads and inspections.” “Many motorists wonder if they will void their factory warranty if someone other than the dealer services their vehicle,” said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council. “The truth is that consumers can have routine repairs performed by their local independent repair shop or do the work themselves without affecting the warranty. It is also important to note that using aftermarket parts does not void the warranty.”

Be Smart About Saving Money

A few good tips to protect yourself against any disputes with your vehicles manufacturer are as follows: First, make sure you choose an ASE Certified Auto Shop (Cary Car Care is ASE Certified) when you need to have routine maintenance done. This ensures they have the proper training and techniques to service your vehicle correctly. Second, keep detailed records of any maintenance performed on your vehicle, the mileage it was performed at, and who conducted the maintenance. This will help prove that maintenance was performed in line with the manufacturer’s proper maintenance schedule. Here at Cary Car Care we adhere strictly to manufacturers suggested maintenance schedule’s whether the vehicle is under warranty or not, and can help you build a proper maintenance schedule to adhere to your warranty should the vehicle still be covered. It is important for your protection and your wallet that you stay informed as a vehicle owner, and Cary Car Care is happy to answer any questions you may have about how to avoid issues with your vehicles warranty.

Written by Cary Car Care