Do you know what your leaf springs do?

What these essential parts contribute to your suspension system!

Automobile technology has sped up in the last century. We have seen some of the more innovative and valuable developments in cars. Every manufacturer is looking for a way to improve the driving experience for their owners. They’re always looking for a way to improve vehicle performance, economy, and driving experience. However, some vehicle features have centuries of history. If you’re not familiar with lesser-known auto parts, you may not have heard of leaf springs. For being relatively unknown, leaf springs make a big difference in your truck or van and offer extra support with added benefits.

Leaf Springs have been around since Medieval times, showing that a good design can last the ages almost unchanged. They were also known as carriage springs or laminated springs because these were especially useful on carriages and transport equipment. The unique design enables it to bear a heavy load and leave minimal stress for your vehicle. The main concern with putting too much weight in your car is the strain on the axle. A leaf spring is many pieces bolted together to form one large spring. Pieces of steel in the shape of a bow are stacked in decreasing size and bolted together. They are then attached to the rear axle and chassis. The springs bear the burden of any excess weight in your vehicle.

Especially in transport vehicles like trucks or vans, as an owner, you expect that the wear and tear will be more significant if you haul heavier loads over time that causes damage to your suspension, your chassis, your whole vehicle. Leaf Springs absorb this excess burden and prevent the axle from buckling and snapping under the weight. Your regular technician at Cary Car Care will be able to tell you if and when your Leaf Springs will need repair. Call us at 919-380-0040 to schedule an appointment.

Written by Cary Car Care