Top 5 Auto Mechanics in Cary, North Carolina

Top 5 Auto Mechanics in Cary, North Carolina

Your car is a big investment. Surely you took a lot of time and effort into picking it out, and taking care of it is important. Finding some one locally you can trust to work on your car is a lot like finding a doctor, dentist or accountant!

When choosing an auto mechanic in Cary here are a few quick tips:

  • Word-of-mouth recommendations and complaints can tell you a lot
  • Go in with questions: Does the shop have a warranty on work performed? Does the shop carry fire and theft insurance? How long has the shop been open? Do they keep their customers updated online?
  • Follow your gut. It’s important to trust your judgment. Is the shop unorganized? Did the shop manger or mechanic answer your questions to your liking? You own intuition can tell you a lot.

At the end of the day, you’ll be a lot happier you did some research on your auto mechanic knowing the service is good, the communication is straightforward and your big investment is being taken care of.

At Cary Car Care we believe our shop is the Number 1 auto mechanic in Cary – and 99.6& of our customers would agree. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years and care about our customers and their cars above everything else. We’re also one of the only shops in the state recognized with the ASE National Blue Seal Of Excellence.

If you live in Cary however, and our shop location isn’t convenient to you, these other options should work out great as well based on online reviews!

2. Import Motor Works

A: 111 Woodwinds Industrial Court Cary, NC 27511 P:(919) 439-3321 Web Site

IMW has been around since 2007. Staffed with ASE Certified technicians, and knowledgeable individuals who will provide honest evaluations when you need them.

3. Cottman Transmission and Total Auto

A: 270 James Jackson Avenue Cary, NC 27513 P: (919) 462-0703 Web Site

Specializing in transmission repair, Cottman’s philosophy is to repair it properly the first time. Customers of Cottman’s have be returning for years because of satisfied work and great customer service.

4. Haddock Collision Center Maynard

A: 1661 NW Maynard Rd, Cary 27513 P: (919) 468-3031 & 1710 Piney Plains Rd Cary, NC 27518 P: (919) 388-9783 Web Site

Known for their excellent customer service and quality of work. You can expect to receive honest and friendly help from their I-Car old Class Certified employees.

5. Colony Tire & Auto Service

A: 1811 N Harrison Ave Cary, NC 27513 P: (919) 469-5423 Web Site

With multiple locations in North Carolina and Virginia, Colony Tire has customers who drive the extra mile to have their car serviced at one of their location and they have the testimonials to prove it!


Written by Cary Car Care